Jon and his little Junebugs.

Jon and his little Junebugs.

Junebug Who?

Photo Credit: Mom Junebug

Personal Bio - I am a husband, Father of 3 and for over 20 years, I have developed a business, a studio, and close personal friendships with some of the most talented, and genuine people of Holland and I am honored to have been voted one of the best by the members of the community in which I live. My love of photography and design has also allowed me to expand into commercial endeavors to help build local and national business through my artistic passions.

Company Bio - Junebug Photography is a Holland Michigan based company serving all of West Michigan with the best in artistic and unique Photography services. With a focus on commercial photography we help businesses grow with the perfect blend of story telling and image based marketing materials. West Michigan graduating seniors love Junebug Photography’s blend of fashion and edgy styles to create the very best in Senior Portraits.

I was a United States Marine in the early 1990's and my oldest daughter was born on Camp Pendleton, Ca. The day she was born I bought a my first SLR camera and vowed to capture her beginnings to share with family back home in Michigan. What I found out is that that my love of art, design, and the technical aspects of photography fulfilled something in me that was missing. The challenge of mixing composition and style into images to create art was a life altering endeavor. It simply made me happy to capture a moment in time for myself and others. After the Marines I choose to provide for my family with an apprenticeship in Tool and Die as a Mold Maker and as satisfying as that was I worked at the craft of Photography to fill the artistic void that my day job lacked. Over the years my passion turned into my career and I was able to open my studio and pursue my love or Photography as a full time career. Since then the PPA and my Local PPWM group has aloud me to grow as a photographer and meet fellow professionals. These groups helped me break down walls in the business of photography and succeed. I cannot think of a better job on the planet than being a Photographer.